At Foxstone Financial, heritage meets expertise in wealth management. We are a boutique wealth management company offering services and investments just like a large family office.

Who We Are

Foxstone Financial is a CO and UT based RIA serving accredited investors. Our last name is Scandinavian, mostly Swedish, and when translated literally means Foxstone. It is our goal to help our clients plan for and live life successfully. One of our sayings is ‘it’s not what you earn that makes you wealthy, its what you keep’. That is true when it comes to saving taxes, reducing risk and volatility and making and keeping friends. Being able to serve our clients and provide them guidance for a daunting task like planning for retirement and an uncertain future, is what we pride ourselves in.
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Christian Ravsten

Christian started his career in finance in 2007 after earning his degree from CU Denver. That year, just as he was entering the workforce, the economy began to slow down and eventually fell into what is known as the Great Financial Crisis. This challenging time taught him early on the importance of being cautious and not just focusing on potential gains. Witnessing the Dow Jones drop by hundreds of points daily, he decided to adopt a more systematic approach to investing. He implemented a machine learning and algorithm-based investing system that focuses on math and science, reducing the influence of emotions on investment decisions. He also explored ways to lower taxes, starting with traditional methods and then moving on to teach more innovative strategies for business owners and accredited investors.

Outside of work, he's a husband and father to three energetic kids. He spends a lot of his time supporting them and coaching their teams when he can. He loves being outdoors, whether it's mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, golfing, or learning about how to improve his health and longevity.

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