Our Approach

Discover how Foxstone Financial's innovative Freedom4™ quadrant system can revolutionize your investment strategy. Navigate the complexities of the financial world with a method designed to manage risk and aim for growth.

Our Philosophy

In the tumultuous landscape of investment, the search for stability and growth led us to pioneer a unique approach: the Freedom4™ quadrant system. Born out of a desire to escape the emotional and financial roller coaster of traditional investment strategies, Freedom4™ represents a shift towards a more structured, personalized way of asset allocation. This system is structured around four quadrants, each with its own focus on liquidity, retail investments, guaranteed returns, and alternative strategies, tailored to meet the diverse needs and goals of our clients.

The Freedom4™ Quadrant System

The Freedom4™ system is a testament to our belief in proactive, rather than reactive, financial planning. By segmenting investments into four distinct categories, we aim to balance risk and reward according to each client's unique situation. Here's how each quadrant is structured:



Purpose: Ensures ready access to funds for 3-6 months of living expenses.

Investments: Low-risk, liquid assets like CDs, money market savings, and high-quality bond funds.

Goal: Maintain high liquidity and security while potentially enhancing returns through careful product selection.



Focus: Safeguard "sacred" money necessary for future income.

Options: Fixed annuities and equity indexed annuities

Aim: Secure consistent growth without market risk, ensuring financial stability.


Retail Investments

Objective: Leveraging AI and ML algorithms to optimize the investment selection process, ensuring that we offer clients the best possible investment options.

Strategy: From ETFs to individual stocks and bonds, Foxstone has access to a wide array of investment vehicles, ensuring you have everything needed to construct diversified portfolios tailored to your goals.

Process: Custom blends or pre-built blends for efficiency, streamlining the investment process without compromising on quality.



Flexibility: Houses a diverse range of investments based on client-specific needs and tolerance levels.

Approach: Utilize investments such as private credit, private equities, private real estate, oil, gas, and third-party money managers for institutional-style portfolio management.

Purpose: Offer access to unique investment opportunities, minimizing emotional decision-making through formulaic strategies.

The Value of the Freedom4™ Quadrant System

The Freedom4™ system provides a structured approach to investing that can adapt to market changes and individual life circumstances. It's designed to protect against the volatility of the market, aiming for consistent performance and the preservation of capital.

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