Tax Planning

Unlock significant tax savings and optimize your financial future. Our expert strategies can reduce your biggest expense and enhance asset growth over time.

Why Tax Planning is Essential

Taxes represent the largest financial burden for high-income earners, 1099 salespeople, and retirees. Without a solid tax planning strategy, you're likely overpaying and missing out on opportunities to grow your wealth. At Foxstone Financial, we understand the importance of minimizing your tax liabilities to ensure a more prosperous future. Our approach leverages the compounding effect of tax savings, allowing you to achieve significantly higher asset levels over time. Let us guide you through the complexities of tax planning and help you keep more of what you earn.

Tailored Tax-Saving Strategies

Our expertise in tax planning opens the door to a variety of strategies designed to maximize your savings and integrate seamlessly with your overall financial plan. Each strategy is carefully selected based on your unique financial situation, goals, and the potential to reduce your tax burden by 10% to 50% of Adjusted Gross Income. Our customized solutions for accredited investors includes:

Depreciation in Real Estate

Leverage property investments to reduce taxable income

Intangible Drilling Costs

Invest in oil and gas projects with immediate deductions

Roth Conversion J-Curve

Optimize retirement funds with strategic Roth IRA conversions

Green Energy Tax Credits

Earn credits for investing in sustainable energy solutions

Micro-Captive Insurance Companies

Create tax-efficient insurance options for business owners

Building Easements & Land Donations

Benefit from generous deductions while supporting conservation

Personalized Planning
and Benefits

At Foxstone Financial, we believe in a personalized approach to tax planning. Understanding your individual circumstances allows us to recommend the most effective tax-saving strategies and benefits.

Maximize your savings and investment growth potential

Each client’s journey is unique, and we're here to navigate the complexities of tax planning together.